Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wacky things running through my head...

This week's Illustration Friday theme is Run. And I have come up with a couple of silly, cartoony ideas.

From the classic telephone prank, "Is your refrigerator running...?"

Inspired by the near constant soundtrack of baseball games on TV at our house: A blimp's eye view of a home run.


  1. Wonderful! Didn't even think of that one, I admit it, I did a couple of crank calls when I was a kid. I was a latch key kid... oh well.... great illustration

  2. Is your refrigerator running? How brilliant!

  3. I love it! We used to make those prank calls all the time. What a great idea and a wonderful drawing!

  4. The refridgorator is hysterical!

  5. Hehehehehehehehe....this really made me laugh as we used to crank call when we were kids and this old standard was the "joke" we would use. We thought we were SO funny. I'm sure the receiving end of the joke didn't think so. Ah, the days before Caller ID.


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