Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A change of seasons, a season of change

Old artwork (new for you) for Illustration Friday

With the approach of fall, the leaves are beginning to change colors. (Yes, even here in So Cal...on certain trees at least.)

It was not until I became an arboretum docent that I learned why leaves change. It is because the chlorophyll, the stuff that makes leaves green, has gone, making it possible to see all the other colors which were there all along, just hidden under all the green! For a more complete, (but still simple)
explanation of why leaves change color, click here .
I painted this leaf back in the 70's, but it still looks like it just fell off the tree.

Fall is my favorite time of year, if anybody cares to know.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pretty succulent

Once again I am posting some nice botanical shots. Not exactly art, but I did take the pictures and I like them. So there.

This is a recent planting at the arboretum. It's called (Echeveria ) Silver Onion.

I just love the coral pink flowers against the dusty blue-gray leaves. And how the graceful arch of the flower stalk echoes the circular shape of the plant.


Just a couple of my front porch plants.

Artificial palm tree

I've been meaning to take a picture of this tree since they put it up behind our neighborhood supermarket earlier this summer. It disguises a signal tower (or whatever you call it) for cellphones.

There are several real palm trees in the parking lot. Here's one for comparison It's a Mexican fan palm. Not sure what the fake one is supposed to be, but it's clearly a feather palm of some kind. The least they could have done is make them with the same kind of leaves.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Stapelia flower

I like stapelia flowers because they have such a weird look to them. My stapelia plant started as a single arm that I pinched from my parents' plant. It has grown very slowly for me, and after 3 or 4 years, I finally have a flower! I took pictures of it every day as the bud grew and slowly opened. So I decided it would be a good subject to try this slide show feature.