Sunday, November 26, 2006

Invention (?)

I'm not sure if this would actually be considered an invention. It's more of an idea. I got this idea a long time ago, and it comes back to me every time I eat ice cream right out of the carton. In fact, I always planned that if Illustration Friday had a topic for invention, this is what I would do:

My invention (or idea) is to have lines on the inside of the carton, so you (theoretically) know when to stop. I wonder if that would help?

I also did a drawing this way, from the point of view down inside the carton. Jerry said it didn't "read" as well, but I'm posting it anyway.


  1. Now if you switch the text to excuses to continue eating (you can work it off tomorrow, what is one more bite going to hurt, mmmm....dairy) then you might be on to something that will make you some $$$. Funny concept.

  2. lol not sure if it would help the die hard fan but sure is a great and fun idea and illo

  3. I could use one of those on my wine bottle from time to time! Couldn't we all?

  4. Well it would make me stop and think. for me the 1st illo demonstrates the idea clearly but i like the 2nd one best! funny!

  5. hey, what a great idea!! Shoudl sell the idea to Starbuck or Coffee bean! Love your work!

  6. Haaha.....that's great! I would love that cup!

  7. I like the second one best!

    That happens to me all the time, btw


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