Saturday, December 09, 2006

Drama Club

For Illustration Friday's current theme: mask

When Michael was in high school, I designed this logo for his Drama Club's t shirts. It was originally black on white, but they reversed it, and printed it on black shirts. I thought it looked pretty cool. I have been after him for the last couple days to find me the actual shirt (which he still wears!) but he couldn't. (so disorganized!) But at least I still had the original image on the computer.

Michael took theater classes all four years and just loved it. As a parent watching him perform, I couldn't have been more proud if I were the mother of an Oscar-winning actor. Sadly, he hasn't done any theater in college.

Here he was, on the right, as Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls.

In the blue shirt, with cast members from Noises Off.

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