Sunday, December 31, 2006

Star Trek lives, apparently (Update at end of post)

I found Jerry watching an episode of the original Star Trek. There was an attractive female guest star, and I was curious who she was, and what she might be doing now 40 years later. So I spent a few moments searching.

Episode name: Mirror Mirror
Actress name: Barbara Luna
The IMDb website lists another Star Trek show in 2004 as her latest work.
Hmm, what's that, I wonder?

Star Trek, the new voyages. A new series that picks up where the original series left off. It has Captain Kirk and crew, but with new actors.

There have been only a few episodes made, but they are available to download free online. Maybe Jerry and will watch one tonight. If we stay up.

Star Trek, the new voyages website

UPDATE: Jerry has watched 2 of the episodes. I watched only a few minutes of one of the episodes and decided it was enough. I thought the acting quality closely rivaled that of Michael and his high school drama club. But the hardest thing for me to accept, and the reason I couldn't watch, was that ultimately I could not handle all these strange people portraying the crew. It bothered Jerry too, but he has a much higher tolerance for grade-B television, especially on weekends when post-workweek fatigue and computer and/or sofa-induced inertia facilitates hours of mindless watching.

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