Friday, December 29, 2006

The tragedy of a train wreck miniature.

Jerry remarked this morning about seeing broken pieces of what he thought were car parts in the street in front of our house, and wondered if there had been an accident that we had somehow slept through last night.

I had noticed them, too, although they didn't look like automotive debris to me. So I went outside to investigate.

It had been a train wreck. A model train. I came upon this piece first.

Then I collected the box, pieces of foam packing, and several broken bits and pieces. You can see the tiny little woodpile, unscathed and still sealed in plastic.

Smashed and broken bits from the debris field

I had an uneasy feeling. I knew my neighbor's husband across the street collected model trains, and I was hoping this hadn't been his. I called her at work and described what I had found. Yes, she said, he had received model train stuff for Christmas. Yes, he got this particular brand. Things were starting to look bad at this point. She checked with her hubby, and confirmed, in a "laughing so she wouldn't cry" kind of way, that Hubby had been rearranging things in the garage last night, and in the process had set his new little train engine on top of her minivan. And left it there. She drove the car last night, apparently unaware of her precarious cargo. Evidence suggests it held on as she backed out of the driveway, but as soon as she put it in "drive" and hit the gas, it was history. Must've been hit by a few passing cars, by the looks of it.

Here is what it was just a few hours ago. Suggested retail price $85.00 What a shame.

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