Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You are what you drive(?)

Update at end of post.
I could have sworn I posted something about this once before, but I can't find it.

You know how they say couples start to look alike after a while? Or that some people actually resemble their dogs? Well, I have another theory. On any given day, in any given parking lot, you can often match people up to their cars. This is a game I have played as long as I can remember. You see a person exiting the store, and try to predict which car they will get into. It's not foolproof. There are too many generic-looking people and generic-looking cars. It works best with people who look unusual in some way. They stand out. Often, their cars do too.

For example: The slim, trim, elegant blonde-haired woman. Impeccably dressed. Obviously just stepped out of a glamourous magazine ad. I watched her, imagining that she might drive a Mercedes. Late model. Black. Shiny. And guess what: Bingo!

On the opposite end of the spectrum: An aging Baby Boomer (male). Not really fat, but, um... sort of big and soft looking. Long gray hair in a shaggy ponytail. Shaggy beard. Okay, maybe an aging Hippie. He looked mellow. I saw him in Trader Joe's today. A short time later, as I was pulling out of my parking spot, I saw him getting into his vehicle: A battered, decades old truck. There was some kind of plant, maybe tree/shrub clippings in the back. It was a perfect fit.

(Oh, by the way, the elegant Mercedes lady was at TJ's too.)

And, in case you are wondering. I don't think I look like my car. I used to, when I had the Jeep: Showing its age. Kinda clunky, kinda square. In need of a tune-up and a deluxe wash and wax. But reasonably sturdy and serviceable. These days, I have primary use of our '04 Honda Accord. A perfectly good, but hopelessly generic car. Maybe that's why, even though I've finally gotten used to driving it, I haven't really bonded with it.

Update: Jan. 31, 2007
This morning I received this email:

Dear blog author:
We recently came across your site,, while searching for bloggers who blog about Honda issues.
A small group of us have started a new site called Honda Bloggers . Our intent is to bring Honda bloggers closer together, and make a positive contribution to the Internet community.
Would you be interested in joining Honda Bloggers ? Please take a few minutes to have a look at what we are trying to do, and if you are interested, there is a sign up page to get the ball rolling. We would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavour.
If you do not feel that your blog would be a good fit for Honda Bloggers , but enjoy this subject area, come visit us and one of our member bloggers. You can also check our FAQ Section to learn more about Honda Bloggers .

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on Honda Bloggers .
Craig CantinHonda Bloggers

I was immediately suspicious. "Dear blog author"? I had only posted about my car yesterday, and my blog had somehow magically been found by this guy. There must have been some kind of automated skullduggery involved. I looked at his website, and thought my humble blog would only get lost in the shuffle. Or worse. So I declined his offer.

Dear Craig,
Did you actually even read my blog? I do not consider myself to be a "Honda Blogger". In fact, I made only a passing mention about my Honda, and not a very complimentary one at that. I did look at your site, and it's a little too "busy" for my taste. So, I am thanking you for your offer, but I am declining at this time.


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