Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nature Guide poem

They're having a pot-luck luncheon for all the arboretum volunteers tomorrow. I'm not really sure what the occasion is, except maybe just as a morale booster. Anyway, each volunteer group has been asked to write a poem. I volunteered to do ours for Nature Guides.

The Nature Guide Poem

We see the children’s happy faces getting off the bus.
They’re here to see our arboretum, so they look to us

To show them all the wonders that our gardens have to share,
And give them information about common plants and rare.

We use our arboretum like a classroom that’s alive.
And point out adaptations that help the plants survive.

We use an acronym called LAWS for land, air, water, and sun
The different biomes all have this, and it varies for each one.

We take them through the desert, and there’s conifers to see.
And everybody’s favorite is our giant Ombu tree.

We show them how exotic fruits look growing on the trees.
We show them the Dawn Redwoods and Bald Cypress with its knees.

We stand along the shoreline as we talk about the pond,
And what lives there in the water of which everyone’s so fond.

We touch on photosynthesis, and try to make it fun
Explaining how a plant can make its own food from the sun.

And as we move along the trails, some critters catch our eyes:
some lizards if we’re lucky, and some bees and butterflies.

Our ducks and rabbits are a hit. They always steal the show.
The turtles were quite popular. Too bad they had to go.

At Heritage House we recall Victorian gardening ways
And we demonstrate how people did their laundry in those days.

The kids enjoy the Children’s Garden, so we let them in.
They run around in there until we let them out again.

Not all our guests are children. We get grown up people too,
And you never know when one of them might teach us something new.

Before we know, the time’s gone by. Our tour comes to an end.
And as we smile and say goodbye, we hope they’ll come again.

As Arboretum Nature Guides, we are the public face,
Ambassadors whose joy it is to share this garden space.

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