Saturday, March 17, 2007

Victoria's Art

I went to a local “craft boutique” today. Cute, fun, handmade stuff, with the emphasis on spring, (whereas the fall shows have tons of Christmas things) For the most part, it was all stuff I’d seen before, but there was one booth with something different that I really liked: art made from leaves, flowers, bark, etc. Very similar idea to the leaf art Mrs. W.’s class made, only more intricate.

There were many different scenes. I only took pictures of a few. The photos came out a little glary because they were in an outdoor booth, mounted under glass, and you really need to see these in person to appreciate them, but you can click on them to enlarge them, and see the details a little better.

The flyer at her booth says, (in part)

The pictures that you are looking at are not paintings or photographs. These compositions are made of real dried leaves, flowers, plants and tree bark. The drying process is based on special technology that preserves natural colors and shapes of material used in art works. The artist uses watercolors on the ground, cornhusk or colored paper and every piece is hand placed with glue. Much is done with tweezers and magnifying glass. All pictures are three-dimensional and every picture is unique, as no two pictures are the same. It is not possible to make prints or copies that closely reproduce the look of the originals. All pictures are made by Larisa Thaney and her daughter Victoria Goncearenco in their studio located in Los Angeles. Every single work is full of harmony, warmth and deep vision of life…

Victoria’s Art received awards at Ojai, CA “Art in the Park” honorable mention in 2004 and 2006, First place at studio City, CA “Art in the Park” 2005, Second place at Lake Arrowhead, CA “Art and Wine Festival” 2005 and honorable mention award in Sherman Oaks “Art in the Park” 2005.

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  1. I bought one of her pieces there! Fantastic!!! and so young! Really original.


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