Sunday, April 01, 2007

Local aggravation

From the Fullerton Observer

Regency Centers LLP, the San
Antonio, Texas corporate owner of
the Morningside Plaza Shopping
Center on Brea and Bastanchury
has declined to renew the lease of
the longtime Bagel Bistro.
Linda Chhan and her husband
have been at the location for 10
years and have built a loyal clientele.
The couple asked to renew their
lease option three years ago and
were assured by Regency that when
the lease came up for renewal in
May that there would be no problem.
Unfortunately the promise was
not made in writing and now that
the lease is due for renewal Regency
has backed out on its agreement
and is insisting the Bistro move by
May 1st.
No reason was given by the corporation
and it failed to respond to
calls from the Observer. “We are
willing to pay an increase, and want
to stay at this location,” said Mrs.
The lease rate has been about
$6200 per month for the 1,635 sq
ft Bistro location which includes use
of an outside courtyard area.
The couple have been faithful
tenants and never late on their payments
in their 10-year history. In
fact, Regency has offered an alternative
location in the same shopping
center, but without an outdoor
patio or foot traffic.
The rumor that Starbuck’s
was planning to take over the
Bistro’s spot were denied by a
spokesperson for that company.
The Coffee Bean did not return
messages by presstime.
Regency is the third owner of
the Morningside Plaza shopping
center in the past 10 years and
owns over 400 shopping centers
nationwide. “We have never had
any trouble with Regency or any
of the previous landlords and
felt we could trust their promise
to renew our lease,” said Mrs.
Chhan, “It is a shock.”
The Chinese/Cambodian
couple immigrated to America
in 1984 as teenagers with their
families. Both are now
American citizens. They have
two children (3 & 7 years old),
have been making a good living
at their coffee shop and recently
purchased a home in the area.
Bistro customers are signing a
petition to help the shop stay
where it is. Drop by the Bistro if
you would like to add your
name. Call Regency and tell
them what you think at (800)

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