Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fava bean flop

I decided I would try the fava beans this morning. After all, Foul Mudammas is a breakfast favorite of Egyptians. The can said ready to serve, so I dumped them into a little pot, and that's where my trouble began.
They looked weird.
They smelled worse.
I tasted one anyway. I was not thrilled.

I decided they were not for me.

Then (after I had run them down the disposal) I read that you're supposed to add stuff to them, like garlic, onions, cumin, tomato. And that the smell does bother some people, but letting them simmer a little, or using fresh beans, helps reduce the odor. Too late for me today. Maybe I'll try them again sometime.

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  1. Ha ha ha...this was a funny post! I had not heard of this dish, but it sounds like something I would do!!! LOL. Hopefully you will LOVE it when you add the other goodies!!! My Mom makes fava beans (for herself) and they are very healthy.


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