Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Middle Eastern Market finds

About a year ago, one of our local supermarkets closed a store a few miles from my house. Finally, a week or two ago, a new store has opened in its place. I had been meaning to go check it out. From what I could see on the outside, it looked "different". It was not as flashy as a typical supermarket.

I was going that way today, so I stopped in. Turns out, this is a middle eastern market. In addition to produce and some "regular" groceries, they have lots of things I've never seen before. After looking around a bit, I decided to get a basket and buy a few things.

Couscous I know already, but they had a spinach flavored one, which I bought. Also, a package of herb-seasoned rice, chicken kabob seasoning, and tandoori seasoning. I snapped up a can of Foul Mudammas, which is fava beans, because I read good things about them in a Mediterranean Diet book last year. I also got some chocolate covered banana creme, uh...things(?) After tasting one, I decided it might taste better frozen, so I put the box in the freezer, and I was right. Yummy!
And a package of flat breads.

I was going to make Tandoori Chicken tonight, but then I remembered it needs to marinate overnight for best results, so I used the Kabob seasoning and made chicken Kabobs and the spinach couscous. It was pretty tasty.

Several of the items I bought happened to be of the same brand: Sadaf. Never heard of it before, but guess what, it has a website and recipes. More fun to come.

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