Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beach day

Pictures taken 12-23-07. A little digital beachcombing.

Just like the beautiful rocks of the desert, these ocean rocks and shells are at their most magical only when I first see them in the sand. The magic diminishes somehow when they are removed from their environment. So I brought home only a handful of treasures. All these pictured above were left on the beach.


  1. WOW...amazing you can find such near perfect large shells on your beach! Ours all all torn up on the east coast of Florida! They are very beautiful...nice photography!

  2. Thanks, Julie. Actually, they weren't really large shells, just smallish ones close-up! I did see some little girls with softball-sized turban shells that they had found. The orange-brown one I photographed was only about the diameter of a half-dollar.


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