Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ornament show & tell for 12-22-07

First, I'm posting a little better photo of this ornament. The outer part of the star is clear acrylic. The center is opaque. I have it strategically positioned in front of a light so the dove is illuminated.

This felt kitty-angel was crafted by Jerry's uncle Noah. He was a gifted artist. You can see more of his creations here and here.

This is the nativity set that I painted in 1979.

I call this shepherd "Burt", because it reminds me of Burt Reynolds, at least how he looked 29 years ago.

One more Santa.

And this year's poinsettia.

I love the green and red leaves, the rich red, and the splotches of white.

I think this will conclude my Christmas show & tell. Have a good one everybody.

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