Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This year's Christmas tree

This year we have a full size tree for a change. I had to rearrange furniture to make space for it, but I didn't want another tabletop "Charlie Brown" tree, like we've been doing for several years. (Even though I'm not Christian, my husband grew up with a tree and likes to have holiday decorations to feel the holiday spirit.)

It was good to see all the old ornaments again. I painted a lot of them myself. They are plaster and bisque. I will post pictures of them between now and Christmas.

This one is from 1996. I like "old fashioned" Santas.

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  1. OMG...your posts showing your ornaments brought back such great memories. I didn't open my Christmas Box of ornaments this year, but there were so many things I painted over past years! It nearly brought me to tears to see your stuff! I'm so happy you got a BIG tree this year and put out your ornaments! It's just wonderful, really. Thanks for sharing!


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