Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something to look forward to

Never mind that the holidays have only just ended, and Jerry was off the week between Christmas and New Year's. We didn't really do anything or go anywhere. And, work will be very busy and therefore stressful for him for the next couple of months, so he's already talking about wanting to get away somewhere this spring. So I decided to look for a place.

Look at this place!

It's only a couple of hours' drive, and this time it will be just the two of us. I'm really looking forward to this!


  1. Is this still in California? It is the background it reminds me of yucca valley/ palm springs area.

  2. Yes, and you're very close. It's Joshua Tree. An hour from Palm Springs, and even closer to Yucca Valley. I hope you clicked on the link because it shows more views. If not, look now


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