Thursday, February 28, 2008

A few souvenirs from last summer

It seems like some people (and you know who you are) just can't get enough succulent plants. You tend your plants, expand your collections, and take pictures of them to post online and show other people who also have this apparent succulent plant addiction. Well, I can only stand so much of that kind of thing....and I think the only thing I can do some of my own special succulent plants, dammit!

Last summer, on my second trip to the Sonoma Coast, I found these succulent plants growing wild along the craggy slopes that led down to the water.

I liked their dusty blue/pink/purple coloring. And many of them had flowers.
I don't know how it happened, but a few tiny succulent rosettes somehow ended up in my pocket.

Here they are, now several months later. They have taken hold and started to grow.

They look very different from their former, wild selves. The leaves are darker and more elongated. Maybe because they have been doing their growing over the winter. And maybe the environmental conditions are much different for them here than they were on the cliffs.

There were also these kinds of succulents growing in the same area. Amazingly, these also mysteriously found their way into my pocket.

This is how they looked when I first potted them up.

This is from a few weeks ago. (same plant)
Again, their appearance is quite different from how they looked in their original location. I did have them on my covered patio over the winter, in order to keep them sheltered from the cold and wet while they were still establishing themselves. I have recently moved them to a sunny area.


  1. That is awesome. Wish we had succulents like that growing out in our little city of Burbank. I'm pretty sure more than a handful will end up in my pocket as well. Your succulents look very happy. I love the purple coloring on the tips of the rosettes.

  2. OHHHHH...great photos of the succulents in the wild...I would have wet my pants to see that!!! I see wild growing plants at one of my links from South Africa...a place I really hope to visit one day, as well as the Canary Islands!
    Thanks for posting really held out on us for quite a while...have you more ?

  3. Do I have more pocket stowaways from Sonoma? No, just those 2 kinds. But when they get bigger and start having little ones, I'll send you some. It was pretty exciting seeing them growing in nature. I've seen cacti growing wild in the desert a bunch of times, but never succulents.

    Do I have more of other succulents? You betcha. You do know that I have my own collection going, right? I just don't gush over them and post pictures all the time. (I save that for the bug stuff, hee hee!)

    I have some of my favorite front yard succulents posted here on Flickr. I'll try to get more of my plants posted soon, either on here or Flickr.


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