Monday, February 04, 2008

I have music

I have been wanting to get some kind of music player for my blog, but I hadn't found one I really liked (and could understand how to use it!) Well, last night while blog-surfing, I found, and thought I'd give it a try.

It has its limitations, like no more than 3 songs by the same artist, and you have to have at least 45 songs in your playlist, and then you can't pick and choose which song you want to hear, they just play at random. But I was able to find 45 songs without too much trouble. (Although, for a couple of them, I pushed the wrong button and added them into my playlist by mistake. I'll eventually go back and fix them later.)

Anyway, most of these are songs I've liked for many years. I will try to add more current favorites soon.


  1. Cat Stevens brings back happy memories of 9th grade to me! I will turn 52 in October of this year!!! Ride on the Peace Train baby!! Obama...nice choice for Pres, by the way.

  2. 1. We are the same age. Within a few weeks.

    2. FYI: You can "pop out" the player in a separate window and still listen to the songs while you surf the web. If you refresh, it will shuffle to another song.

    3. Yeah, I got all caught up in the whole "super Tuesday" thing. Don't know how long that button will stay on there.


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