Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's happening right now, in my fridge

It's Mexican Pickled Carrots vs. Kimchee. Battling for supremacy. (or as Jessi says, "which one will spoil the milk?") This silly idea popped into my head. I scribbled it out in ArtRage, but it's too lame and badly drawn for my art blog. But I don't mind putting it here.

I like the fact that I got an idea (as silly as this was) and was able to just illustrate it quickly and simply. I always think I'd like to do more spontaneous artwork, but usually it doesn't happen. I should try harder.

Here's a jar of Kimchee. I thought I had it on Flickr too, but I guess I didn't!


  1. What a cute picture! Is ArtRage easy to use? Who won? The Mexican Pickled Carrots or the Kimchee?

  2. Well, fortunately, both jars have good tight-fitting lids, so neither of them has "taken over" the fridge smell-wise.

    As for the popularity contest, the carrots are definitely the winners, everybody likes them. I'm the only one who eats the kimchee, made by my Korean friend. It's spicy and super-pungent!

    ArtRage is fun and really easy to use. It's easier to use if you have a tablet (e.g. Wacom), but you can use a mouse. There's a free version. Why not try it out?


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