Saturday, February 23, 2008

The multi-bug wood piece things

For Illustration Friday

I still lament the loss of the little bug-shaped wood pieces I used to have. They looked more or less like the unfinished piece in the upper left. I could paint them into multiple kinds of bugs, be they beetles, spiders, flies, bees, or whatever. I once put several of them onto a cute little painted box and gave it away to someone I haven't seen since. I wonder if she still has it, and I'm sorry I never took a picture of it.

To make matters worse, I can't find those little unfinished wood pieces in that shape anymore. I've looked in the local arts 'n' crafts stores and online. I even contacted the company whose name was on the original package, and they told me the pieces had been discontinued. So in a fit of bittersweet nostalgia, I recreated them digitally, tried to make them look 3-D, and "painted" them to look like bugs. I'd still rather have the real wood thingies, though.

If anybody knows where I can get some, please let me know.

UPDATE: Whaddayaknow! Blog-pal Julie found some here. Thanks, Julie!


  1. this is so sad, I am sorry about the bug pieces. I feel your pain. I hope you find some, and I love your multiple bug art! very cute. good luck in your search

  2. Really like your bug art, hope you find your bug pieces.

  3. I have come to realize that if like something or I regularly use it in my art, I should buy in bulk. I can really understand that you miss those bug pieces - the illustrations you created are so adorable. I can imagine what a real treat it would be to receive a box of cute painted wooden bugs. I hope you can find some more!

  4. I am on a quest to find you some!!!

  5. Hope you enjoy your new bugs!!! I kept thinking about them all day and how cute they are!!! Wanted to tell you they have a bunch of cute wood kits at Oriental Trading Company, including some bugs/butterflies, etc....I will take time to re-browse through them just to see what all is there!


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