Saturday, February 16, 2008

Warts and all

It's one thing to take a nice tight shot of a lovely plant:

It's another thing to show a few frames from the blooper reel.

This is my front porch. Dusty and neglected. I don't think the color is really as gray as it looks.
But it adds to the mood. Notice my poor euphorbia. This is actually one of my favorite plants. I've nurtured it from a tiny stem, which I had salvaged when the other 90% of it was rotting away. It's really taken off over the last couple of years. But it got really top heavy, and then it blew over in the wind. I propped it up against that post, and it's been there ever since.

Then there's this poor thing. It once looked like this:

And it even made flowers.

And this. Sad, huh?
I could go on and on. But I'll spare you the gory details for now.


  1. I love these photos of your succulents!!!

  2. You have some nice succulents. Love the blooper reel!


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