Monday, March 17, 2008

A camera date

We like to say we're "going on a date", even if we're just running a few errands together, or going to put gas in one of the cars. ("Gas dates" are getting to be as expensive as a night on the town these days)

Sometimes when the sky looks interesting, we'll grab our cameras and head up the hill where there's a little park. Everyone in town heads up there when the sky looks interesting. Or the mountains. Sometimes it's people like Jerry with the fancy, big-ass cameras with all the accessories, and sometimes, more often in fact, it's just Joe Blow with a cell-phone camera.

So yesterday, the sky was stormy and really cool. The wind was blowing, and there was thunder. We grabbed our cameras and went up to the hill.

It wasn't really raining a lot, and not raining hard, but it was just raining enough that we didn't want our cameras to get wet. So for a while, we just stayed in the car and took pictures of the raindrops on the windshield, and the blowing trees outside.

I took a picture of myself.

And one of Jerry.

When the rain stopped, we got out and walked around a little. The hills looked really nice. I love this view. Click on it to see it bigger.


  1. I never realized that I always envisioned you as a blonde!!! Ha ha ha...OK...well, your hair is very beautiful and young and healthy looking...Mine is GRAY!!! LOL.

    That picture of the hill (looks like a mountain to me)...makes me want to cry to live in Cali. You are so fortunate!!!

  2. P.S. Big-assed camera is right, BTW!!!


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