Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to grow a pineapple top

Because the subject came up today.

You Grow Girl/Save Your Pineapple Top

So, we'll be giving it a try.


  1. In regard to this subject...I used to visit this ALF (adult living facility) and the man who owned it told me he used to throw all his pineapple tops out back into a wooded area...he just slung them out there...and now he has thousnads of pineapple plants back there, always with something ready to eat...and he just keeps on slinging!!! Isn't that cool???

  2. Cool, yes. Believable? I dunno. Then again, you do live in a land where wild iguanas roam the streets. Why not a huge, wild grove of recycled pineapple plants?

  3. Oh, and please forgive me. Whatever other serious and sincere meanings there may be for the acronym, "ALF", I can only picture THIS.

    (With no offense intended toward your pinapple-slinging friend.)

  4. You crack me up! LOL. I am going to have to go over there now and check out that field behind the place, and see what I find!!!


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