Friday, March 07, 2008

Like the dog pound, only with cacti

I hardly ever go into to the 99¢ store, but I went today in search of cheap vegetables to cut up for my printmaking class at the arboretum tomorrow. I found they had a bunch of little cacti and succulents for sale for 99¢ each. But what a sad sight they were.

This is just a quick shot of a single shelf, which actually didn't look too terrible. At least it doesn't look bad in the photo. But there were several shelves of cacti, many of which were shriveled and/or falling out of their little pots. It was depressing. Almost like the dog pound. So many sweet deserving little beings, stuck in this terrible place through no fault of their own. And like a visitor at the dog pound, I felt compelled to rescue at least one, and give it a home. I took four, which seemed like a reasonable amount, although the cheapness, and their dire condition made me almost want to bring home a bunch more. But I didn't want to go crazy.

This was the "big" one. Smaller than a tennis ball, but it looked healthy enough.

The others were smaller, in tiny little pots that I think I will need to up-size.

The middle one is making a ...flower? Gee, I hope it's a flower. Either that or it's just really happy to have a home.

Oh, and it's also having a baby.

And in case anybody of the cactus persuasion is wondering, I don't have any idea what kinds of cacti these are. The bigger one was the only one with a label, and this is what it said.


  1. OMG!!! You found a "Bishops Hat" at the dollar store? I now have to go and look at every single dollar store to find one. I've been trying to get one, but the only place that I've found is an online site...which they are selling for $30.00.

  2. Yes...I was going to say that the one is a Bishops Cap...I was wondering about the top one...I think Donna just got one of these...maybe Aiyana from No Rain could identify these for ya...she is a cactus expert!!!

  3. P.S. I agree with Donna...what an amazing find at the 99 cent store! We have these stores in West Palm Beach and I am going down there tomorrow to have a look!!! Yee haw!!!


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