Monday, March 10, 2008

A meme

This meme was passed along by Julie.

Four jobs that I have had (starting with earliest to now):
Working in the pet department at Woolworths
Parts dept. shipping clerk
Customer service clerk
Census worker (2000)

Four movies that I’ve watched over and over again: (This is not something I typically do on purpose)
Waking Ned Devine
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Various Star Trek movies.
These last 2 are movies that I’ve sort of watched by osmosis, because my kids have watched them a lot

Four places I have lived: (All here in SoCal)
Los Angeles

Four TV shows that I currently watch:
Ugly Betty (looking forward to some new episodes this spring)
Nature - PBS
Nova - PBS
Good Morning America

Four places I have been:
Inside the Goodyear Blimp(but only while it was on the ground)
Tijuana, Mexico
The Hollywood Bowl
Kansas City (this is as far east as I've ever been)

Four people who email me:
My dad
Joanne from the arboretum
This kid, Chris, who latched on to me last year when he was trying to raise stick insects.
Mrs. W. from school

Four favorite things to eat:
Chinese food
Mexican food
Italian food

Four places I would rather be:
Death Valley
Sonoma Coast
In the mountains somewhere
In bed(Does that count as a place?)

Four things I look forward to this year:
Improving my health
Some home improvements, too, hopefully
Vacation with Jerry
Creating some new art

OK then. If anybody else out there wants to reveal interesting but useless trivia about yourself, have at it.

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  1. LOL on the bacon! Did you ever read the bokks by the Sweet Potato Queen? In one of them she has a recipe for Death Chicken (oh ...sort of goes with Death Valley...LOL) and all you do is place your chicken parts in a 9 x 13 pan, and then cover them all with slices of bacon...cover and bake. It is supposed to be the best tasting thing you ever ate (according to them)...I have never tried it...but YOU might love it!!!

    I've been in Kansas City, but I watch the Today Show every morning...Matt Lauer is my companys spokesperson! So...I love him!!!


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