Sunday, March 23, 2008

The question begs

Bored and lazy on a Sunday afternoon, I turn to my trusty fridge. (Well, in this case, the freezer.)

(This is the way I eat ice cream, by the way. Right out of the carton.) And as I proceeded to extract and devour every nugget of cookie dough I could find, I found myself wondering yet again: If you saved a bunch of those little balls of dough, put them together and baked them, would you, in fact, get a real chocolate chip cookie? Unfortunately, I always end up just eating all the dough that I dig out, so I may never find the answer to this mystery.

My work here is done.

By the way, we got a head start on the Easter ham by having a few slices for breakfast. That's about all I'm good for today. Eating.


  1. Yum...Dreyer's Fun Flavors! I've not seen those at my local grocers yet. I love cookie dough ice cream. I like to eat it that way too, though usually in the little pint containers because I think I can actually eat a whole quart.

  2. I hate cookie dough ice cream! Too sweet and doughy!!! LOL. I like Heath bar/toffee, or Cookies and Cream!!! YUM!!!
    P.S. I love rainy eating days!!!


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