Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring stuff

I may have mixed feelings about Easter (and Christianity in general), but I sure do enjoy all the spring-themed merchandise that is proliferating in the stores these days. They're bright and colorful, and full of cute animals, even bugs.

These items were stealthily photographed* at Cost Plus World Market yesterday. They are made from thick, brightly colored felt.


flowers and butterflies. See how thick the felt is?

And look...they have some of those little bug-shaped wood pieces on them. Cue the It's a Small World music.

*Cost Plus doesn't like people to take pictures of stuff inside their stores. I asked them permission once, and they said no. This was before I got my current camera, which is very small and can be used very discretely, and also before everybody and their brother had a cellphone with a camera in it. So as far as I know, all sorts of people are taking pictures of all the cool stuff they have there. But I still feel like I've "gotten away with something" when I do it.


  1. Just found this post which also includes lady bugs! I saw something yesterday and I thought of you. It was a clear plastic box of lady bug candles. They were very well made with bright red color, and came in two different sizes of ladys! I wished you lived closer, and I could have mailed them to you, but figured they would melt on the way!

  2. Aw, thanks for thinking of me. You should do what I do: take pictures of the cute and interesting things you see (and maybe post it online). Most of the time, I don't really want all that stuff. It's just fun to look at. Amazing how many cute little doo-dads, plants, critters, etc. there are out there.


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