Saturday, March 29, 2008

Warts and all, part 2

Adventures in accidental gardening

Most of the pictures of things around my house that I post on my blogs, whether they are of bugs, plants, food, or whatever, are tight shots that don't show much of anything else in the background. That's because the background is usually a mess. I confess I've never been much of a housekeeper. I just don't make it a priority, so stuff tends to sit around before I finally get to cleaning. The kitchen sink area (well, the whole kitchen, really) is no exception.

This picture is actually over a year old, but on any given day, this is pretty much what it looks like. You will notice the left-hand side of the sink has dishes and cooking pans in it. These are things I've washed that are "drying" in the dish-drainer. Sometimes they stay there long, long after they are dry. Sometimes, little bits of food and stuff fall down into that side of the sink and get, uh, lost under the clean dishes. It gets kinda yucky in there. So every so often once in a great while, I clean out the dish drainer on the left-hand side of the sink.

I cleaned it today, and I can definitely say it was long overdue. I can also say I'm glad my mom doesn't read my blogs, or she'd be mortified. But probably not surprised.

After I took out the pans and other larger items, I could see down to the bottom. The sink was stained and grimy, but what caught my eye was a small plant growing out from the drain.

Right there. See it?

Holy crap! I have plants sprouting in places no plant should be sprouting from!

The germination point. We have some onion skin, (or maybe garlic skin, but who can tell!?) a bit of a plastic wrapper, the ubiquitous dog hairs, and a few particles of unidentifiable organic matter.

A gentle pull reveals a well developing root system.

The seed in question. I believe it's butternut squash. I took it outside and planted it in a little pot. We'll see if it survives. Then I returned to my kitchen sink.

Whew! All clean again....for now.


  1. OMG! How cool was that to find! I love made me laugh because it would be something that could happen to me as well. It was a nice feeling to know I am not alone in the world in my less than perfect house cleaning! It also made me think about a small plant of some sort of succulent I found growing in a tract of the windows in the screen room...just growing in a small amt of soil it had clinging to it's a dry metal tract. I had a good laugh on that one too!!!

  2. LOL!
    I was looking for "squash root system" pictures to show my 4 year old... and look what I found! This is awesome. Did your squash survive the transplant? :)

  3. PS - Maybe I should mention that you'll see very few pictures of my house on our blog because we have serious housekeeping skills in common. ;)


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