Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Adobe Retreat

I made a digital scrapbook page for our desert getaway. I have been quietly fascinated with digital scrapbooking for some time now, but I was never really sure what to do. Slowly, I have been collecting ideas. This is my first attempt, using only pictures from our trip, altered as desired. Of course, I have many more pictures to post, of flowers and bugs and such. I just don't feel like organizing them yet. It was "easier", but not necessarily less time consuming, to just take a few pictures and play with them, with the pleasing results above.


  1. Well...hey there!!! Glad to see you again...are you back home already, or just about to get back? Your scrapbook page looks great! What program do you use for this? Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. Hi, Julie. I got home yesterday. We took lots of pictures, and I just haven't felt like organizing and posting them yet. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend. This page was a big time waster, but somehow it's what I felt like doing.

    The whole thing was done in Photoshop. I hope to do more of these (and hopefully better ones) in the future.

  3. Oh wow, I love that big lizard hanging on the fence. Your scrapbook page looks excellent. Nice photoshop work.


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