Friday, April 25, 2008


We stopped here just briefly on the way to Joshua Tree. Jerry had memories of visiting when he was a little boy. It was never a real town, just a movie set.

Jerry decided it wasn't as magical as he remembered. I found it rather boring, but somewhat picturesque.

Ah, purple cactus. How nice.

Ultimate cactus planter

Desert junque collection. It seems that people in the desert display an inordinate amount of junk in their yards.

But it can be kinda fun to look at.


  1. I was at Pioneertown last was great...I enjoyed the whole area there...did you pass through Desert Hot Springs?? That was such a littered town...I could not live there...trash everywhere. Stark contrast to Palm Springs! We figured all of the service people must live in DHS, who work in PS!!! I loved all of the rock there! Love your photo of the cactus in the car...very sweet...I did not remember seeing this!

  2. Julie, we only just drove past it on the freeway. I remember thinking how much it had grown since I was a kid and my grandparents lived there. Back then, it was just a little dinky desert town with a few trailer parks and retirees. And Palm Springs is too rich for my blood!

  3. Palm Springs is too rich for me too, but I would have to have something like Desert Hot Springs, but kept cleaner! LOL. There is like NO grass in DHS, and pleanty of green grass in PS! What a was just amazing to see that!!! I loved Morongo Valley!


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