Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm not all the way back

I'm just popping in to look for trouble and mess around a little.

Modeling clay kitty by Jessi

Michael's plant cell birthday cake

Leave it to my dear son, Michael, to request a cake decorated like a plant cell for his birthday.

And leave it to his sweet and talented girlfriend, Jessi, to create one for him.

And for everyone (myself included) who needs little refresher on plant cell biology, here you go!

Made-up words and phrases

Hey, I'm just eating a piece of cold leftover pizza for breakfast, and thinking about how I've always called it "Breakfast of Champions". Then my mind started wandering to other made-up words, like "Bottles of Champions ", which is what Michael used to call nursing!

Another prase we made up is "six shades of white", which refers to the bullsh*t a salesman will feed you to help make a sale. It comes from a time, about 20 years ago, when we were having a skylight installed in our living room. The salesman assured us that they had 6 different shades of white to match the skylight shaft to our ceiling, but when the time came and the installer casually whipped out what appeared to be any old random can of paint, we said, "Wait a second! Is that the right shade of white? We're supposed to have six shades of white to find a match!"

The installer, a friendly young man named Jeff, just laughed. "Six shades of white!" he repeated with amusement. Those sales guys will tell people anything! We have white and off-white. Yours is off-white."

Ever since then, we use the phrase when we suspect a salesman is trying to put something over on us. Sounds like six shades of white to me, we will say to each other.

We have another made-up word that my dad invented when I was a kid:


It's his word for a line of dominoes arranged for the express purpose of being knocked down.

I probably have other phrases, but they don't come to my mind right now. How about you?

Oh, wait! Here's another one: My little sister once gagged (and maybe barfed, I don't quite remember) after eating something with rich whipped cream. This was when she was maybe 4 or 5 years old. Just before she gagged, she announced, "this stuff makes my throat warm". This became our family euphemism for something yucky or gag inducing. As in I don't want to eat that, it will make my throat warm.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Link to Boomer's diary

So now here I am with a dog who now has a very serious disease and is facing a brave struggle against long odds. And what am I going to do? I'll do what so many other people would do in this day and age: I'll blog about it.

I just won't do it here. This blog is dedicated to the random, miscellaneous and trivial, of which Boomer's cancer is neither. So if anyone is interested in following his journey, I will be updating his Dogster Diary.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Boomie has to have his leg amputated :(

The thing I hate most about bad news is how, even after I have had time to absorb it and digest it, the bad news will slip out of my consciousness for a little while, only to come back and slap me again and again.

My sweet Boomie has had hip displasia all his life. I thought his increased limping had something to do with that. But today we found out that he has a tumor in his right rear leg. By the looks of the X ray, there is no way to save the leg. Even after they take it, the cancer has probably already spread to somewhere else in his body. But amputation will buy him some time.

Surgery will probably be in about a week. I don't think I'll be sleeping very well tonight. Something keeps slapping me.