Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baby Jacob is an angel now

Here's something I haven't told anyone. Ever since I started blogging more than 4 years ago, I have been drawn to the personal blogs of families with special babies. Some are micro-preemies. Some have serious illness or birth defects. Maybe it's the nurturing mama in me. Or the potential future grandma. I get very "attached" to them. I find their stories much more compelling than any "reality" TV show, and I follow their progress as they struggle and grow and develop.

But sometimes they die.

Little Jacob was born on January 14th, with Trisomy 18. Through his parents, he told the world about his life, his family, his struggles. Lots of people fell in love with him from afar and prayed every day for him, but his illness took a toll on his tiny body and he passed away last weekend.

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "baby", so this picture is in memory of Jacob.

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