Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heat statistics

Well, we topped out at 92 degrees yesterday, and it stayed that way until about 9:PM. And even though it cooled off outside, our house was very slow to cool down. Something about this house just holds the heat in and doesn't let it go. You can open every window in the house, and the cool evening air somehow doesn't circulate, even with strategically placed fans. I think it has something to do with the fact that our windows all face north and south, and the prevailing winds blow east and west. Also, our back yard goes up a hill, and I think that blocks some airflow, although you can feel a breeze in the back yard.

So I decided to set up our camping tent. It's been years since we used the thing. Just a big square tent with big zippered windows all around. Good ventilation to let in the back yard breeze. And by 9:pm, while it was still 92 in the house, it was in the 70's in the tent. I fixed it up with cots, dog beds, and my computer for entertainment. It was kind of fun. For awhile it was just me and the dogs, because the boys were out and Jerry was at work. It took Marley a few minutes to settle down, but Boomie loved it the moment he stepped inside and found his bed. That's one thing that makes me feel kind of bad, how miserable this heat is for the dogs.

OK, lets check the thermostat in the living room: 86 degrees at 12:20 PM. I think I'll let the dogs out and see if they want to play in the sprinkler.


  1. Thanks. I'll be in it again tonight!

  2. Did the dogs play in the sprinkler? It has been raining a lot here in the evenings, and for some strange reason it always makes me wonder how you are doing out in your HOT area, and if you have kept the tent up. It is not quite as hot here, but just so darn humid...we sit around in the a/c all night and have become slugs!!!

  3. No, my dogs didn't really play in the sprinkler. If you can believe it, I have 2 labs that don't like the water! I just sort of hosed Boomie off, but I think he appreciated it, because he seemed cooler and more comfortable right away. Marley was neither cooperative nor grateful to be hosed off.

    I didn't want the tent to make a big yellow square on my grass, so I took it down after 2 days. I may put it back up in a couple of days, though. Most of last week was cooler, but things are heating up again.


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