Tuesday, July 29, 2008


No damage here, but we sure felt it. I had literally just stepped in my front door after coming in from outside. The shaking started the moment I closed the door behind me, and quickly intensified. I squatted down right there in the entryway. The dogs came running. This was the first time I can remember the dogs being scared in an earthquake. Marley, especially, was trembling. I held onto their collars and tried to get them to sit, but they were too nervous. Fortunately the earthquake didn't last too long, and as soon as it was over the dogs were fine.

Jerry called me before I had even picked myself up from the floor, after which the phones all stopped working. Brice was in bed (teenager on summer vacation, where else would he be at this hour?) but it got him up. Michael is with Jessi. I'm sure they're fine, they just can't call right now.

There are aftershocks, too. One that was pretty strong, a singular jolt. A few others that are subtle, kind of wavy feeling.

Here's a map that shows where the epicenter was, and who felt it. If you make an imaginary line from the "H" of Long Beach up to the red star, I'm located approximately halfway between them.


  1. OMG, Cindy! I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. Thank God everyone and everything was OK. Well...hopefully Micheal and Jessi were also! I would be very sad if anything happened to you!

  2. Thanks. This was just a wake up call. The "Big One" will come some day, and we need to be ready.


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