Monday, August 11, 2008

In support of marriage for gays and lesbians

Why on earth shouldn't they be allowed to marry? Perhaps it's my lack of a religious upbringing that leaves me with no feeling that being homosexual is wrong. (although, to be fair, homosexuality is just another thing that my parents actually never discussed with me. As with religion, I was left to learn about it on my own and form my own opinions.)

To me, it's just different. And the only thing that's different is the sex part. But marriage is so much more than sex. It's not simply the union of a penis and a vagina. It's the union of two people who care so deeply for each other, they want to share their lives, for better or worse, in sickness and health, and all that stuff. To be a family. I totally don't get the "protect marriage" dogma. What exactly is the threat that gay/lesbian marriage poses to the rest of us? What do we need to be protected from?


Their TV commercial really touched me.

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  1. I agree entirely...what someone else wishes to do is none of my business anyway...I wish I could understand why some people think it is their business to tell others what or what they cannot do. PULEASE!!!!!


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