Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite stuff meme

Nabbed from Julie's blog. Hehe.

1. Clothes shop: I did not inherit the shopping gene from my mom. I am decidedly unfashionable, and I don't really care, as long as it covers my nakedness. Most of my wardrobe comes from WalMart and Mervyn’s.

2. Furniture shop: Most of our furniture is old (not antique, old.) And shabby. There is a nice wood furniture shop in our county, and we have purchased a few nice things from them, but they are old now too.

3. Sweet: Dark chocolate

4. Favorite Cities: Fullerton, CA (where I live), various cities and towns in beautiful Sonoma county, (CA), where I spent 10 days last year. Albuquerque. Denver.

5. Drink: Water

6. Music: A variety of genres, some old, some weird, some old and weird. You can click on the little gadget on my sidebar to hear some.

7. TV series: PBS: Nature, Nova, History Detectives.... Network TV: Ugly Betty. Boston Legal. I enjoyed the first episode of Life on Mars last night.

8. Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Waking Ned Devine, Cars (Yeah, well my taste in movies is about as weird as my taste in music.

9. Workout: I will walk anywhere, anytime I might have a chance to see nature. I prefer the beach, the desert, or the woods, but most of the time I happily traipse through the local arboretum, looking at flowers and bugs.

10. Pastries: Pastries? Would chocolate cake be considered a pastry?

11. Coffee: No thanks. I’ve never liked coffee. When I was seventeen, I nonetheless decided I was old enough that I should start drinking it, because that’s what adults drink, and I set about trying to “acquire a taste for it”. After about a week, I decided I would just have to become an adult who doesn’t drink coffee. I do like the smell of it brewing, though.

Anybody who wants to can consider yourself tagged. Just let me know, so I can find out how weird you are too.

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  1. No coffee!!! OMG...I can't imagine!!! This was fun!


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