Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Boomer update

I had mixed feelings about going in for his 6 month post-amputation exam. Even though he has been feeling just fine, I wasn't sure I really wanted to know if the deadly seeds of cancer had spread to his lungs, as the doctor cautioned it might. But part of me did want to know, so I could be prepared for what might be next.

I let them give him an x-ray.

It was clean! No visible mets or suspicious spots.

I wasn't really surprised, because I know he's been feeling and acting like his old self. But I sure was glad anyway.

He also had a routine blood test, mostly just to make sure that his liver function is still OK with the continued use of his NSAID prescription.

Good boy, Boomie. Mama loves you.


  1. Oh, Cindy...what great news! I had been wondering about Boomer and now we know!!! YEAH!!!!!!! Congrats on the fantastic news!!!

  2. Best wishes for Boomer always! I hadn't known about his health issues...I know you all are giving him all the love and care there can be!

    I had a recent scare with Taylor... a false alarm... she had come into the room seemingly having difficulty with one leg :-( I hustled her immediately into the truck (having to give her a helpful heave Up Into it)
    At the vet's I had concerns if getting her out would further damage whatever problem she was having so I had an aide of theirs come to my truck...but then I worried about any aggressions (you know dogs and vehicles) so I had her get out on her own...and there was no problem...I walked her all about and there was no problem so we went back home without seeing a vet....She enjoyed the surprise outing and ride though :-)


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