Saturday, November 01, 2008

Going back to the desert

Jerry and I decided rather suddenly to plan a trip to Death Valley for later this month. He has time off coming, and seemed disappointed this morning that we hadn't planned some kind of getaway yet. So I checked, and by some miracle one of the nicer rooms at Stovepipe Wells was available. We toyed briefly with a couple of other options up and down the map, but ended up booking reservations at Stovepipe.
Usually, a trip to DV is something we plan for months in advance. This trip is just 3 weeks away!


  1. Oh man, I am sooooo jealous! What a great time to go! I miss California so much! I just love it there...especially the desert areas! I must find a way to get back out there one of these years! I will have to work out a plan to trick my husband into it again! LOLOL. I hope your trip is fantastic (it WILL be)!!!!!

  2. that is an amazing image

    to me it seems almost unreal, more a painting than the actual landscape

  3. Actually this is a painting I did many years ago of Zabriskie Point, one of the most popular locations in Death Valley. Here's a photo I took there last month. The color is different because it's a different time of day/year than the other picture.


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