Friday, December 12, 2008

I could do this every day.

Today Jerry and I went to the beach. There was a minus-tide. I really wanted to explore the tidepools, but it's just getting harder every time for me to navigate those slippery rocks. So after struggling through (but still enjoying) the rocky part for a little while, we just walked along the sand for a couple of hours. I brought home a pocket full of treasures, and a few pictures you can see here.

I love just walking anywhere in nature, but especially if there are rocks to be found (or shells). I get the same high from beachcombing as I do from walking up a rocky wash in the desert. (or bug hunting!) I don't care if my back or my feet are hurting. There's always more to see just up ahead or just around the bend, and I push myself to keep going.

I'll probably be hurting tomorrow. But that's OK. If I had a choice (and apparently today I did) between having a back ache from cleaning and vaccuuming or from going down (and back up) a steep hill and clambering over slippery rocks, I'd pick the second choice every time.

And I really would do it every day if I could.

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