Monday, February 09, 2009

The $5,000 challenge

Tagged by Leslie with a simple question: What would I do with $5,000? This is something I have actually been thinking about lately: I would pay to have someone build me a raised-bed garden to grow vegetables. Something like this. I'm not physically capable of doing it myself, and my family is too procrastinatory (is that a word?) to help me. So I would definitely take the opportunity to pay someone else to do it. Of course it probably wouldn't take the full $5,000, so the rest would go to charity. And If I had my "druthers", it would be for some local dog rescue organizations.

I'm just about ready to implement Plan B: buying a few of those big wooden half-barrels and just filling them up with soil and compost. But I still need someone to muscle them into the truck, and from there, out to the back yard. Oh, and also to move my compost box back there. And shovel some dirt for me. *sigh* That's why this is a fantasy meme, right?


  1. Perfect Plan! I love it. and grow some watermelons and cherry tomatoes for Box Turtles (my plan this summer).

  2. especially since I am pulling out so many briars that produce blackberries (well, they take over the garden with its rich rich soils as does the goldenrod and crowd out other important food/plant resources--I leave them alone in the wild wild not amended areas). Y'all understand I am sure. Gotta make the hard choices.

  3. Hmmm...this is a very good fantasy and it is making me giggle and I feel 20 years younger just thinking of the strong handsome man who would come over to built and fill your new raised beds!!! LOLOL!!!

  4. Sorry, Julie, I'm pretty much past the point of fantasizing about men. But, I think you should take this meme and run with it.

  5. Hi Cindy!
    I like your ideas!
    I thought about spay and neuter "scholarships" for pets, too.
    I am so glad you did this, and I encourage Julie to run with it, too. It already has her feeling frisky :)
    I wish I was a millionaire or two...

  6. Barrels roll.... would that help?

    The other day I carried a 40 lb bag of soil across the yard and suffered every step of the way. I won't do that again. Age has its limits. I need help myself.
    Enlist aid! However you can!


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