Friday, March 20, 2009

Bean mosaics

What I've been doing with the kids in Mrs. W's class this week:

I've got lots of beans and stuff leftover. I'm going to make a big pot of soup next week, and bring some to school for the kids to taste.
I also want to try this recipe with the red lentils. (They're the bright orange ones.)
After that, there will still be enough beans leftover for me do play around with: art, food, whatever inspires me.


  1. "don't play with your food" is put to rest forever with that demonstration (and with the food art lady of the leek {neat} mantis and such)
    what a good time! and the follow-up soup idea is great
    love the ginger cat of course

  2. can I add the cat to my feline felicity and link you?

  3. and the other piece too? the two ginger cats you did before?

  4. D'oh! I don't remember what I did with that picture. Did I originally email it to you, or was it on my blog? I have too many pictures in my computer, and I need to organize them better, and purge some. Would you believe I have about 25 THOUSAND images in my computer???

  5. wow!

    I am preparing to take off (again) all i have now in my iPhoto and it is only ~3000

    I will have no problem finding the gingers :-)

    and thanks!


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