Sunday, March 15, 2009

New sandals

Check out my new sandals. They're Keen. (That's the brand name) They're nifty too. (That's my adjective.) I know, they look tacky with socks, but too bad. In fact, I want to go out and buy some new colorful socks just because they'll be visible.

Here's a picture from online. I love the green color. Yeah, they're a little clunky, but so am I. I hope they last. They were pretty expensive. But I just don't do well in cheap shoes. That is not to be snobbish. I have messed up feet, and I need a well made, supportive shoe. So today, I've helped the economy and my feet.


  1. Great looking sandals. I've seen these and I've got them in my "want" folder. Someday! This shade of green is also my favorite. Have fun wearing them : )

  2. Well, these should be really great and supportive! I like the green also! I will have to check them out!!! They make me think of ECCO shoes too...they are more expensive, but so darn cute and wonderful!

  3. Nifty!

    I see it is chilly out your way too ... wearing socks with the sandals sounds practical as well as stylish with color!

  4. I like these.... they don't show the toes!


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