Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old Bisbee Roasters

(This is not an advertisement. It's just a friendly recommendation.)

I don't drink coffee. Never acquired a tasted for it. Jerry does, though. We used to buy coffee beans by the pound from local coffee places that roasted them right on the premises. Unfortunately, it's been years since those small businesses have disappeared, leaving only the likes of Starbuck's, Peets, Coffee Bean, and other big coffee corporations. According to Jerry, their coffee is just OK. Not great. And since it's not roasted in the stores, when you buy a bag, it doesn't have that fresh-roasted taste.

So he combed the internet for a better way to get his coffee, and he found Old Bisbee Roasters.
Located in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona, they roast your beans to order and ship the same day. He has tried several different flavors and has been very satisfied. I just thought I would pass along a recommendation to the handful of people who read this and might be interested. Below I have copied their "About Us" page just to tell you more about the company:

We support family-owned farms and co-operatives that produce The finest tasting varieties in the coffee-growing world.
If you are new to Old Bisbee Roasters, you are in for a treat. Small farm coffee is rare, delicious and unusual. Our goal at Old Bisbee Roasters is to allow you to experience small farm coffee "roasted to taste" and delivered fresh.

You will taste the pride, love and devotionof our coffee growers in every cup.

Whenever possible, the coffee growers family or farmer's co-op name is printed on the label, as well as the growing region and country of origin. We roast these intense and unusual coffees by taste, not to color or brewing style. For this reason, you will find there are no "French Roasts" at Old Bisbee Roasters, only the roast that develops the most flavor from each bean.

Roasting "to taste" allows you to experiencethe joy of small farm coffee.

We are passionately devoted to quality, and find the best coffee is often available in very short season. Please be sure you are receiving the "Coffee News from Old Bisbee Roasters" newsletter in your email to stay up to date on new coffee available for roasting each month.
Our newsletter is published the day we receive and cup new green bean, often every three weeks.

Our website is updated twice a day, the coffee you seeis the coffee available for roasting.

Orders received before 1:00pm Arizona time, are roasted and shipped the day we receive them, Monday through Friday. As we run out of stock quickly, it is not possible to place orders in advance, or reserve an order for a future date.

Your coffee will be custom roasted in a 10 lbs. drum,packaged with your name and roasting date on the label,and shipped while still warm by USPS Priority Mail. Almost all orders shipped within Arizona are delivered next-day, while orders shipped coast to coast within the US are delivered within two days.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your coffee, I will replace your order or refund the cost of your coffee.

I believe you will find nothing in this world compares to the taste of a truly good coffee from a small family farm.

As to the price, Old Bisbee Roasters is comparable to Starbuck's, et al, at least here in So Cal, even including the shipping cost. (and if you order more than 2 pounds, the shipping is free.)

So if there are any coffee lovers out there who want to greatly enhance their home coffee brewing, I encourage you to try Old Bisbee Roasters.

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  1. moi

    Poor Mom... today she had to go without her morning coffee because of that blood test.... while I sat right in front of her drinking mine....
    Immediately after leaving the Doctor's, I pulled into a shop next door and bought us both a cup and her day brightened right up :-)


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