Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random shots

In spite of my efforts over the past few days to weed out as many as I can, I still have over 25,000 images in my computer. Most of them are of plants and bugs, either from around here, or on one of our little jaunts. I decided to post of few of the miscellaneous stuff that I took pictures of, but never blogged (that I know of), and don't really know why I kept them:

Well, I know why I kept this one. It was for future reference, so I could check this tree the following spring and see if there were mantids in it. (I never did.)

I was serious about it at the time, though.

Aww, look... it's Boomie back when he had 4 legs. And that's me at the kitchen sink. Good thing I'm kinda far away in this picture, because I hate seeing pictures of my butt.

Exhibit "A" for having a big butt.

Marley keeping watch over her balls.

Roadtrip! Driving through a wind farm.

A doomed romance: A smooth, snakelike plant that has entwined itself around a cactus-like plant. From the arboretum.

Junk on my fireplace hearth.

Tendrils. How I love their curls! Might explain why I have a fascination with my garden hose.

I sometimes take pictures of the plant signage at the arboretum.

I really liked this old barn. I shot it out the window as we drove by.


I made this sign several years ago for the bathroom. It's pretty much self-explanitory.

A favorite landmark on the way to Death Valley.

My dad made this mosaic in the early '60's, I think. Can you tell what it is?

I used to park in front of this house when I picked up the boys from high school. I called it the Cactus House.

The hair of the dog is upon us. Always.

After Eleanor died, we went around taking pictures of everything in her house, because we knew everything had to go, and we wanted to preserve the memories. This was her chair.

This was her kitchen. The banana stickers were stuck there by Jerry's dad, starting way back when bananas first started having stickers on them. Nobody ever took them off that post. Not even after he died. Not even after Eleanor died. They tore the house down a few years ago, stickers and all.
And somewhere in all that kitchen clutter is a little treasure that I kept.


  1. I really enjoyed your photos. Especially of Eleanor's house. It was a step into someone's everyday life. The banana stickers seemed so know what I mean? I found your blog while surfing for collage!

  2. I am enjoying the peek at the collection...

    Here is my own fascination with hoses...

    I like signage shots too and used them extensively in my postings on the Native Indian Museum... not the pictures themselves, but just transcribing the information... beats a pad and pen

    Nice Barn... Tin Roofs excite me!

    Great Knot in the wood!

    Is the mosaic a CORNFLOWER?!

    My Mom's place has treasures... within the clutter...I have a few treasure from my father
    This one is very special :-)

  3. Good guess, but not a cornflower.

    Hint: Although at first glance it appears to be an abstraction of something, it's actually a quite literal interpretation. Try stepping back from your computer screen and squinting a bit.

  4. a flock of blue birds in a feeding frenzy?

    I tried both squinting and using the 'magic eye'

  5. Another hint: It's an object as viewed from above. And the mosaic is about 12" across, much larger than the actual item would be.

  6. Got It!!!

    A Morning Glory :-)

  7. it would be sooooo suitable a subject too :-)

  8. What is physically or psychologically "wrong" with people who do not have a 'magic eye'?

  9. *BEEEP!* I'm sorry, that's incorrect!

    Remember, it's not an abstraction, and nothing is hidden.

    Here is your final clue. My dad was a jeweler by trade (now retired).

    I think most anyone can learn how to view Magic Eye images. It just takes some trial and error, figuring out how to stare at it the right way, let your focus relax, etc.. My dad's mosaic is not one of those things, I just meant that if you squint a little so you don't see all the spaces between the mosaic pieces, it's a little easier to see the whole object, which has facets of its own. (ooh, another hint! If you can't see it now, I'll eat my shorts!)

  10. Don't eat yours... I'll eat Mine... And I love precious gems and rings galore.... a few years ago I started buying Myself more fine jewelry (since obviously no man was going to be doing such)... It is a triumph of self-control to have finally stopped purchasing them...

    so My Final Answer will have to be a brilliant blue diamond all ablaze.


  11. magic eye- ( I knew what you meant about squinting)
    and that this is not one of those.... I was just wondering whyyyyyy my sister cannot cannot see them

  12. Hooray! I didn't even use up all my call a friend and other such options!

    Must have been cool to watch your father at work :-)

  13. I was very young when he made this, and I don't remember seeing him do it, but I remember when he hung it on the wall. There's actually another half to the wood part, and there's a clock in it. (I should take a picture of the whole thing sometime.) Anyway, I do know that he kept the template he made for the mosaic design, and somewhere in the garage are little jars of left over white and blue and sparkly tile bits.

    *note to self: must look for jar of sparkly bits.


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