Saturday, March 07, 2009

Where I am now.

Random updates, just because the title seems fitting after my previous post:

I got my half-barrel planters. I put tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in them.

Michael's hair is short again. He looks more mature this way, yet somehow he still looks like my little boy, only with a beard.

Marley barfed the other day. It cleaned up OK. Maybe too well. Now I have one really clean spot in what has been revealed to be a really dirty carpet.

At a comittee meeting at the arboretum the other day, one of the ladies brought cookies and Yogi Tea for everyone. I was reluctant to try the tea, but I did so just to be polite. It was really good, and I ended up asking where I could get some. And today I got some. I can hardly wait to make it and enjoy it with a cookie.

I have a package of Girl Scout cookies hidden in my underwear drawer.

We're going to Joshua Tree for spring break again at the end of this month. This time we're bringing Michael and Jessi with us.

I hate the never ending doom and gloom in the news, and I'm sick of hearing about the octomom.

I'm going to watch Waking Ned Devine on St. Patrick's Day. They have it on Hulu.

My springtime allergies are starting up. Time to get back on the Sinus Rinse regimen.


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  2. grumble grumble(stupid spam)grumble grumble

  3. How exciting you are going back to Joshua Tree!!! YEAH!!!

  4. Oh, BTW...what flavor of Yogi tea did you get? I believe i tried a real crazy one one time (they have them all at my health food store here), called something like chocloate chai...I didn't care for that one, but did enjoy some of the other flavors! I am becoming more of a tea fanatic at night...but try to stay with herbals now, so I can get a wee bit of sleep at night (rare these days anyway)!!!

  5. It's Classic India Spice. There's a link to it on my post. It's a little spicy and a little sweet. Really good with a little milk and honey in it. And it's caffeine free.


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