Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just spinning my wheels

My mind has been very scattered lately. There are so many things I want to do, and most of the time I can't seem to get beyond the "thinking about it" stage. Here is a list of some of the things that have the little wheels spinning in my head:

Gardening. Making compost. Getting some more vegetable seedlings, if I can make a good place to grow them. Getting a kiddie pool to use as a cheap but effective raised bed garden. (Look at Walmart?) Then there's weeding, and hacking away at a big plant I want to take out.

Have to help plan our summer camp at the arboretum. I'm planning the rainforest day. Need to get some posters. Plan a craft. Plan the follow-up activity and the enrichment activity. What is the difference between a follow-up activity and an enrichment activity??

I have more bug pictures to post, and some videos of desert caterpillars eating that I may or may not want to post. Other pictures of flowers and stuff. I get so sidetracked reading so many other things online, or just looking at images on Flickr, after that I don't feel like posting. So that's partly why I haven't been posting as often.

Art. I want to make some art! I've been collecting all sorts of digital scrapbook papers and stuff and some cool Photoshop brushes, and I don't know what I want to do with it all! I have lots of half-assed ideas, but I can't pull them together into a coherent project. I can't even manage to doodle anything worth saving, much less posting.

Photos. I have been trying to organize my thousands of photos. I moved some from my computer onto a backup drive to free up space. I still want to organize the rest. Also want to organize all my dad's slides which I have. About 15 or so trays of slides from my childhood and earlier, and they're all mixed up! Some labeled, some not. Ideally, I'd like to go through one tray per day, till they're done. That's another project that hasn't left the runway yet.

I should be exercising, eating better. (Michael is the food police, for which I love him and want to kick his ass at the same time.) I want to be a better housekeeper. I wish I wanted to, then maybe I would try harder.

I did play around with my art machine a little tonight. Brice took a look over my shoulder and made a few suggestions, artist and Photoshop wizard that he is. He ended up pulling up a chair and sitting with me for an hour, showing me a some PS tricks, most of which I will probably forget how to do. But it was still fun. The things PS can do, the things Brice can do with it. It was like watching him invent the wheel right before my eyes.

And I was able to turn a silly doodle into something that looks halfway cool. (see above)
I'd really like to do that more often. I'm not making any promises though.


  1. follow up activity- something to see how much of the original material was understood and retained

    enrichment- providing something extra and not necessarily fundamental to the subject.... could be tangential... as in talking about temperate rainforests as we have in Olympia....

    HERE is the Tropical Rainforest Program I wrote and gave to fellow docents at Zoo Atlanta....

    if it inspires you with ideas, then Hooray!

  2. silly doodle is very very cool... no half-ways about it

  3. How do you get to types lines through words? as if to xxxx them out but without erasing them?

  4. Kat, Blogger is not letting me use the HTML tags in the comments, but you can see how to do "strikeout" text here.

  5. Thanks!

    Happy Earth Day to you and yours and all the buggies and all everything!

  6. Try your hand at making some mini works of art in the form of ATC cards! We could trade!


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