Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun to look at!

I was at Michael's today, (the store, not my son), and I saw some really cute scrapbooking stuff. The artist was Carolyn Gavin. I really liked the colors and shapes. It's funny how lately I am so easily distracted and amused by fun patterns, simple shapes taken from nature, and bright colors, and her stuff is pretty much based on all of those things.

Of course, I'm too darn cheap to actually buy any of it, but I jotted down her name (otherwise I would have surely have forgotten it by the time I got home, knowing me), and checked her out online.

She has a blog and a website, both of which are filled with bright fun stuff to look at. I especially like how she takes a design and makes several versions of it with different colors.

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  1. Oh, goodness how I wish I wasn't so darn cheap myself...I cannot allow myself to buy all the stuff I really want! Well...the other part of it is that I want to try and come up with my own designs! I wish I could just allow myself to buy a few things though...but I always want to recycle and make new things out of old...that is MY darn problem!!! :)

    I do like this artists stuff though, and had also noted it at Michaels !

    Happy Tuesday to you!!!


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