Saturday, July 04, 2009

Two things I wanted to share

These shots were in my folder of stuff to post, and somehow they got passed over. I have decided I might as well stick them on here, so I can them out of the way.

Yes, it's garden hose season again. This was my first hose-doodle of summer.

This beautiful, bright orange rose was part of a parking lot planting in a re-developed shopping center in our neighborhood. There was row of these lovelies. They smelled pretty good, too.

The shopping center, which once boasted a Circuit City and a Toys R Us, now has THE most enormous Target I have ever seen. I swear, you could park 3 Zeppelins inside, or something equally as huge. It's due to open this fall. Also we are getting a Sprouts, due to open next week.

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  1. Oh, I love this idea of a hose doodle!!! LOL...all of the gardeners of the world will enjoy! Maybe I need to try one and post it for ya!!! I just bought a new hose yesterday...100 footer...think of the doodle I could do with that!!!

    That orange rose is something else!!!!!!!


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