Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What could be worse than needing a root canal?

Needing 2 root canals!

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a regular check up. I mentioned that I was having a little pain and sensitivity somewhere on the upper left side. (It's so hard for me to pinpoint exactly where)

They took X rays, and she said it looks like one of my previous root canals has a problem, and the tooth next to it also has a problem. (I don't remember what she said the problems were. I tend to blot those unpleasant details out of my memory.)

Anyway, she referred me to an endodontist. I got an appointment for this morning, which I thought was just for more X rays and a consultation, but they had time to start the work, and it saved me the $100 consult fee if I start today, so... here I am with the first phase of a double root canal already finished. I am still numb up to my eyeball, and and my mouth is so numb, when I came home Michael said I looked as if I'd had a stroke.

As soon as my face wakes up, I need to go get some prescriptions filled, and then I'm going to treat myself to a milkshake.


  1. Oh gosh, Cindy...this is terrible! You know this same thing happened to my friend just the last 2 weeks ago or so, adn the same thing happened to her when she went in for the first appt. with the endo, thinking it would be a consultation, he just did half the work right then!!! That is great! I always say "Get 'er done"...and you must be so glad for that!

  2. I had a peach shake the other day in sympathy for you

    get well, feel no pain

  3. NEVER NEVER NEVER let a dentist use formaldehyde, lead or mercury in a root canal. don”t assume they won”t…ASK ASK ASK. Its called Sargenti Paste/N2/RC2B/RC2W. The dentists who use it conceal it from the patient (even after harming them) because they know it is malpractice. The FDA rejected it based upon safety concerns, every state dental school teaches NOT to use it because it is below the standard of care. Injuries can be life altering and life threatening. We are two patients who will suffer life long problems because we didn”t know to ask. The ADA does not recommend it, their endodontic board (AAE) is strongly against it…

    Don”t take the chance….injuries are random and can show up months or years after a seemingly properly done root canal. ASK, SAY NO. Don”t walk in our shoes.


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