Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Backlit summer evenings

I know I've posted my neighbor's roses before, but I just can't resist them when the sun is setting behind them.

Same goes for my crepe myrtle tree. Summer has been a little "off" this year. Generally cooler than normal. Not that I'm complaining. But true to tradition, now that school is starting, it's hot.

We don't really have 4 seasons by the calendar. Summer lingers and fall sneaks by almost unnoticed, except for the shorter days and longer shadows. Even the leaves don't all get around to falling until winter. In winter, if we're lucky, we get rain, and with the rain comes a spring-like explosion of new growth (but still in winter.)

I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures and rain, eventually.


  1. we would be all the poorer if we could not enjoy again and again and again the same beauties

    ty- the rose is especially lovely

    (I am mad at crape myrtles right now so I will stay quiet on that one :->)

  2. Yes, that is about how it goes here too...fall doesn't show up till winter!

    Love that backlit rose shot! Gorgeous!

    Love your Wart Dude! Only you...would think to create something like this!!! LOL



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